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Product description
A waterproof sealant which provides a barrier against water absorption and alkaline. Water proofing Maxi seal is also a permanent waterproofer / plaster primer, and penetrates 5 mm to 8 mm on plaster work and 2mm to 3mm on some previously painted surfaces. Plaster should cure for at least 5 days prior to the application of Maxiseal (dependant on the weather). Maxiseal damp proofing can also be used to seal face brick, cement brick, terra-cotta tiles or any cementatious surfaces as well as certain painted surfaces.

As a damp seal, Maxiseal is applied "In situ" application by low pressure a spray (Pressure Pod) with about an hour drying time before the surface can be touched. Paint can only be applied after 24 hours to allow the chemical to bond properly with the surface .

Technical data
Solids content: approx. 40 % wt%

(1g/ 60min. 150°C
Active substance content approx. 29 % wt%
Density approx. 1.5 g/ml

(din 41757, at 23°C):
Ph-value (aimsi bo5): approx. 15
Appearance clear to hazy
Flash point non-flammable

Maxiseal waterproofing materials carries a 5 year manufacturer's warranty.

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Product description
Bitucryl is a waterproofing synthetic rubber modified anionic bitumen emulsion which initially "breaks" rapidly and then dries completely over a period of ±24 hours to form a waterproof layer. Bitucryl is the ideal roof waterproofing solution for flat roofs is suitable for water retaining structures. Unlike other inferior waterproof products, the initial break of Bitucryl helps prevent "washaways" when rain occurs shortly after application. Once dry, the water proofing Bitucryl undergoes an irreversible chemical reaction and becomes totally resistant to swelling or re-emulsification. This property allows the cured film to perform under conditions of total immersion in water which means no more water leaks. In roof waterproofing applications a decorative reflective top coats must be used to allow perfect roof sealing and no more leaking roofs.
    Bitucryl - the complete membrane
  • Ultra flexible 300% stretch
  • Suitable for water retaining structures
  • Quick drying
  • Inexpensive
  • Time proven
    Water proofing Applications
  • Concrete Roof Decks
  • Tanking of Basements
  • Lining of metal or Galvanized Water Tanks
  • Lining of Concrete or Compacted Earth Dams and Waterways
  • Lining of Flower Boxes and Roof Gardens
  • Parking Decks (Flexidek System) Fully Trafficable
Technical data
Medium viscosity chocolate coloured compound (wet).
Highly adhesive, 300% elongation, tough, black flexible film (dry).
Total solids content ±50%
Specific Gravity ±1,05
P.H. 10

High quality Bitucryl used by Waterleak Prevention Services carries a 5 year manufacturers warrantee but conditions apply: if anyone has gone up on the building and damaged the waterproofing product Water Leak Prevention Services have to be notified within 24 hours. Part of Waterleak Prevention Services valued added services is that we may do periodic checks to make sure that none of the surface area has been compromised, after the initial 5 year period we can recoat the roof surface at a minimal cost and we will carry a additional 2.5 year warrantee on it if the periodical inspections have been kept up to date and we have been notified within the given period of any damage to the waterproofing surface.


Product description
A water proofing sealant which provides an alternative to the "Torch On waterproofing material" for flat roof waterproofing or balcony water protecting. Slurrysealer is also used as a waterproofer for lining and tanking. As an extra damp proofing solution, Waterleak Prevention Services uses Slurry sealer in conjunction with our Pollyprop membrane.

Technical data
Slurrysealer is extremely difficult to remove once it has set.

Slurry seal water proof sealant carries normal manufacturer's warranties.

Thermoflex Waterproofing System

Product description
Bitumen remains the most important base material for waterproofing materials today, this despite the fact that dozens of "miracle" new water proofing products have come on to the market. Bitumen is inexpensive, inherently waterproof, durable, has excellent adhesive properties and is non toxic. Examples of five thousand year old applications of bitumen exist in the middle east. No other system has this track record as a damp proofing agent. Unmodified bitumen has the disadvantage of being brittle at low temperatures and soft or liquid at high temperatures. Flexibility and flow resistance of Thermoflex Waterproofing System over a temperature range of 0 to 95°C is a prerequisite for South African conditions.

In depth research and development over a nine year period has led to the development of THERMOFLEX AP (Atactic polypropylene) modified torch-on membrane. Specifically developed for harsh African conditions THERMOFLEX A P offers the following:
  • Vastly improved elasticity capable of accommodating thermal movements of roofs. ( Particularly required with the increase in the use of thermally insulated roof decks. )
  • Improved flexibility at low temperatures, enabling laying in cold weather.
  • Improved strength, allowing a single ply application.
  • Improved resistance at application temperatures, to permanent deformation, puncture and tear. Giving good “walk on” properties during and after application.
  • Greater capacity to bridge movements of cracks and joints in the substrate and better fatigue resistance.
Technical data

Thermoflex Waterproofing System carries a 5 year manufacturer's warranty.

Our Services

Waterleak Prevention Services has for over 29 years perfecting waterproofing and offer the following water proof services:

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