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Waterleak Prevention Services is a South African based and owned company that provides complete waterproofing, damp-proofing and painting solutions for the construction industry. Although our focus is on large residential and industrial sites, we also take on smaller projects for residential homes. We are fully endorsed by Darachem, a member of the Waterproofing Association of Gauteng and one of the companies who supplies us with water-proofing chemicals. Our reputation for providing quality service and products and our ability to form long-term relationships with our clients have seen our company becoming a trusted name. We continue to expand our client base and grow our company each year.


Waterleak Prevention Services was founded in 2005 in Gauteng, after 29 years of construction and waterproofing experience in Thabazimbi and Kwazulu-Natal. Our goal was to deliver remarkable waterproofing, damp-proofing and painting solutions and, as a result of constant striving to improve our products and services, we believe that we are on the road to reaching our goal.

Call us now on 072 330 9923

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CK number: 2005/084450/23

Telephone details
Technical and site management: 072 330 9923
Sales and administration: 072 473 7197
Fax: 086 618 6985

Email details
General Enquiries: info@waterleakprevention.co.za

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Facebook: Water Proofing
Twitter: Damp Proofing

Some of our clients

Waterleak Prevention Services has a long-term, successful working relationship and an excellent reputation with several clients, including the following:

Gallow Construction, Glen Martin Projects, Grapnell Properties, Men at Work, P.E.E. Construction, Piet Steenkamp Civil Engineer, Proprop Construction, Public Investment Corporation, Super Group Retail and Industrial, Tom Bell and Associates Chartered Surveyors and Whitfields Property Management

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Technical & site management: 072 330 9923 | Sales & administration: 072 473 7197 | Fax: 086 618 6985
General Enquiries Email: info@waterleakprevention.co.za